Sep 9, 2011

Cobra Slip-on Slashcut for 99-11 Yamaha Roadstar 1600/1700

Easy to install slip-on mufflers with 3-1/2 inch bodies will liven up the exhaust note on your Roadstar without upsetting your neighbors.
With a stock exhaust, your new bike probably sounds like an idling refrigerator. But a pair of shotgun pipes might set off every car alarm in the parking structure. Looking for a happy medium? The 3-1/2 inch muffler bodies include a quiet baffle with additional silencing material. What you get is a deep, throaty, rumbling exhaust note that won't have the neighbors up in arms.

Fits: 99-11 Roadstar 1600 and 1700

Retail Price: $449.99

Sell for: $199.99

Part Number: 122218

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