May 26, 2011

Cyclelok Alarm System for Yamaha R6 or R6S

Patented 3 Dimensional movement sensor detects all changes in 360°. Protection against sabotaging the alarm unit. Automatic arming and disarming by ignition key. Service mode operated by ignition key All settings are electronically commanded. Incorporated self testing prodecure. The Cyclelok Alarm System YM600 interfaces with OE immobiliser system via a coded signal. OE wiring connectors guarantees easy and secure installation. NOTE: For Yamaha's equipped with an OE installed immobilizer system.

2005 YZFR6
2006~2009 YZFR6S
Part Number: YMD1PCA061MC

Retail Price: $489.99

Sell for: $99.99

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