Jul 8, 2011

How many miles can you put on a motorcycle?

More than 100,000 kilometers easily.  Another milestone marker, this time for Norm with his 2004 Yamaha YZF600RSS.  Norm passed 100,000 kms on his way back from Winnipeg, Manitoba. When he pulled up in the parking lot at Kelly's Cycle Centre this week he had 101,395 km! Here is a photo of his speedometer to show you.  Note the speedo doesn't provide for 100,000 but rolls over to 01,395.  Norm is shown here towing his new Third Wheel Trailer. This is a pretty cool little number that glides effortlessly behind his bike.  Nice setup for long distance riding.

Norm bought his YZF600R from Kelly's in May, 2005. Like all high mileage riders Norm recommends and has come in for all the regularly scheduled service. Norm is good to his motorcycle and his bike is good to him in return. Good luck as you head on to your next milestone Norm.

2004 YZF600R accessories

See Kevin's FZ1 100,000 km post.

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