Jan 2, 2012

YZF-R6 Body Panel Assy and Emblems

These YZF-R6 yamaha parts and decals with R6 logo are inventory overstock, only one of each available.  All parts are brand new in original condition.  For sale at cheap prices as listed. 

2C0-Y283V-70-P2 PANEL ASSY 2

2C0-Y283U-70-P2 PANEL ASSY 1
2C0-Y283V-70-P2 PANEL ASSY 2 sell for $199.99 CAD
2C0-Y283U-70-P2 PANEL ASSY 1 sell for $199.99 CAD

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5EB-2839H-00-00 YZF-R6 1999 Decal $16.00 CAD

5EB-2839H-60-00 YZF-R6 2001 Decal  $16.00 CAD

5EB-21781-00-00 R6 Decal  $13.00 CAD

5EB-28315-00-00 R6 Decal  $6.00 CAD

5EB-GRAPH-IC-BL R6 Decal  $30.00 CAD (no longer available)

5EB-28315-40-00 R6 Decal  $6.00 CAD

5SL-283B2-B0-00 R6 Decal  $96.00 CAD 

5SL-28392-10-00 R6_ Decal  $33.00 CAD

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