May 11, 2015

Yamaha Stryker Prose - First Impressions by George

The Yamaha Stryker attracted me and intimidated me. Should I or shouldn’t I? That was the question.  At 1304 cc, 68.9” wheelbase and 646 lb. it was imposing. The fat rear tire and raked out front end portrayed it as unconquerable.

The rider who took the Stryker before me looked like she was born to ride. She was decked out in gear from head to toe and she rode and walked with complete confidence. Damm, maybe that bike wasn’t for me.  Ha! When I sat on that bike I realized that I was born to ride. Opened the throttle and drank in the chortling roar. That was intoxicating. This was a “leader of the pack” motorcycle.

This cruiser was designed in the chopper style. It wasn’t quite “Easy Rider” but my internal DJ was playing “Born to be Wild”. The Stryker provided the accompanying rumble when I cranked the throttle. This bike doesn’t want to be babied. It’s begging to roar. Ridding the Stryker in city traffic will be frustrating to you and the bike. Be true to the song and “get out on the highway”.

I enjoyed the seat and sitting position. The ride was moderately comfortable. Some of the bumps got through. I was warned about the extra effort needed to turn but I found no problem getting around the corners.

Facebook Stryker photos taken on May 1st Kelly's Cycle Centre Hamilton, Ontario

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